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Friday, March 31, 2006

Assparade Nicole

So check this one out.... this chick named Nicole that lives in my building wouldn't stop talking about PP's cock piece... see this chick is a fan of yours truly.. and I just think that she was trying to disguise her lust by putting it on Preston.. clever gal.. or not... Anyways... I bumped into her at the gym and told her that PP was in the building... I swear I saw the exact moment she got moist.... so we went upstairs..and she introduced her great natural breasts and her juicy round ass to P. Parker... and the rest my friends... is what they say.. a WRAP!!! Not even my neighbors are safe! 2005 IS THE YEAR D. SANCHEZ TAKES OVER!!! Enjoy!

Assparade Sinnamon

The ever delicious rump that is attached to Sinnamon makes another appearance here as we get to see it get worshipped and slammed.. all in an orderly fashion! Baby Got Back isn't the term!!! Check out this brown sugar babe's ass get done properly by Prestons's prick... good times!

Assparade Sweetness

The title of this shoot should be enough for you... if it's not... take one more glance at this broad's rear end....and then her face... and her tits.. and then give her a few more takes.... and if that's not enough for you to log on in and watch Monique get bent out of shape with a nice stiff one in her... might i suggest you head on over to that might be more your fancy...

Assparade Cherie

Cherie is yet another example of white girls with asses...dispelling that urban legend..... but really... how bad are you salivating at this chicks ripe rump.... imagine how I felt shooting it!!!! sheesh... I love my life... ENJOY!

Assparade Sydnee

Sydnee''s rump is back again to show all you saps just how bad her ass REALLY is! Alex has more than a handful to deal with as he rubs her oily ass up and primes it for insertion! Enjoy!